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Top 5 Tips for Bloggers June 1, 2009

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Ok so here we are at the start of a unit, am having fun so far, ask me again in a couple of weeks as I may think differently. We were asked to submit our own 5 tips so here are mine…

Tip 1 – Be individualistic – Originiality is something that is becoming scarce of late. I have been known to blog hop and so many times it’s like you are reading the same thing over and over again.

Tip 2 – Sometimes simplicity is best – Someone once told me keeps things simple, don’t go too over the top. Look at it as a diary, your thoughts and ideas, only difference is millions of people can read it every day. Scary hey?

Tip 3 – Don’t be Afraid – Those big bad codes cannot hurt you. As this unit progresses so will your knowledge, and before you know you will be creating html code like a pro, and creating your own blog from scratch! Think of it as taking that step from teenager into adulthood, shaky at first, but once grasped it becomes second nature.

Tip 4 – Talk From Within – Try posting when the ideas and/or concepts are fresh and still somewhat raw in your mind. People tend to over think at times. It’s often the first thoughts that pop into your head that we want to read about.

Tip 5 – Above All Else Have Fun – Above all else, just have fun blogging! But be warned, it will soon become addictive and a natural part of your day.

So there are my Top 5 Tips for Bloggers! Scary hey 🙂